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Play Online Keno Slot Machine

The Keno background originates from China, while the game was brought into the United States by Chinese immigrants in the late 1800's. As the game was brought into a different area, the way the game looked changed a bit as well. Keno slots were also brought into Nevada, while each number was accompanied by the name of a racehorse, thereafter, being known as the game called racehorse keno. In 1951, a tax on off-track betting on horses was passed so the horses' name disappeared.

Now in 21st century, we have made it possible to play online keno slot machines for the entertainment of the many players around the world. Keno slots are a lot of fun and the usual return on earnings is up to 95% - 98% payouts to players. The reason online casinos can allow themselves to have higher payout rate's is due to the minimal overhead cost of managing and operating the online casino. Land based casinos have major managing and operations expenses, therefore, payouts are minimally lower than online casinos when it comes time to play online keno slot machines.

There are different types of bets when a player plays online keno slot machines. There are bets called the "Straight Ticket", the "King Ticket", and the "Combination Ticket" along with progressive jackpots and strategies being available to be played on video keno slots as well. Regardless of how the game is played, keno slots have emerged as a casino staple ever since it was introduced into the United States more than 100 years ago.

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