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Pyramid Double Bonus

Anyone that tries out the Pyramid Double Bonus Poker game will be impressed by what they experience. This game can be found at the 7Red casino, along with many other engaging video poker options. The Pyramid Double Bonus Poker version is becoming very popular and is a major draw for this site. New players sign up all the time to experience poker in an all new way. This game changes up the rules and makes it even more likely that you will win big points while you play. If you have never tried this out, you will want to hear a little bit about what it may be like to play.

These video poker games are becoming increasingly popular, becathey can be played in the comfort of your home. You can just spend a relaxing evening try to break your high score and rack up the points when you play Pyramid Double Bonus Poker. This game features some top quality graphics that will make you really feel like you are playing a variation of poker. If you have ever been to a real casino, you may want to try out this game sometime soon. You will be amazed by the similarity it bears to some of the exciting options provided by casinos.

Most players will notice that Pyramid Double Bonus Poker changes up the rules a little bit. Many of them will find this to be a welcome change and will want to see how it pays off for them. The biggest change is that you can actually win 3 different ways using the same hand. You will be given a chance to win with all 5 cards, just like a typical game of poker. But you will also be given a chance to win points by simply showing the first 3 cards you were dealt. Then you will be able to win with another 3 randomly chosen cards from your hand.

When you first log in to the site, you will be given the chance to explore the game with no risk involved. This may be fun for some players who just enjoy the challenge that it presents. They will certainly be impressed that there are actually 8 different options on how to play Pyramid Double Bonus Poker. Each of them provides a new experience and a new twist on the rules. This will keep things feeling fresh and original for all players who log in to the site.

Finally, you may want to look in to playing Pyramid Double Bonus Poker for real money some day. You might want to get some experience training on the practice versions first. You may want to take note of how fast you can rack up the points using this version of the game. If you feel confident, you might want to play Pyramid Double Bonus Poker for real stakes sometime soon. Try all the versions of this game and others out when you log in toe